What you need to know before registering.

This 5-step program is fee-based, and the fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. We offer two (2) versions of the program, an on-site video presentation and an online self-paced program. In addition, we offer an offine digital text-only reference and resource guide of the 5-step program primary content.

Important note: The offline digital box sets are not intended to replace or substitute the on-site presentation and online self-paced program.

On-Site Video Presentation (Version 1)

This video- and audio-driven version is designed to be presented in a group setting for the public sector. It’s inspiring and motivating, and can be a life-changing experience. The on-site video presentation is approximately 12 hours. The program is presented on multiple days and is flexible to accommodate time restraints and logistical requirements.

Organizations that are interested in hosting the on-site video presentation for their clients should contact us at

Online Self-Paced 5 Step Program (Version 2)

The online version is based on the on-site video presentation version, and it removes the video and audio elements. It provides a different visual experience with text and imagery that allows for greater comprehension and time for reflection on the content. We believe this content can benefit many individuals who desire knowledge and/or improvements in various aspects of their lives. It is intended to allow public sector personnel to evaluate the program’s audio content in text format for their client base.

The online 5-step program can be completed in approximately 17 hours, and we allow 60 days to complete the program. In this version, users can exit the program after each completed section and return at their convenience.

Completion of Online Self-Paced Program

Upon completion of all 5 steps, the users will get access to exclusive resources and features, including the online version of the Life Impact Seminar for the youth (for ages 13 -17), gift certificates, and the additional programs that are discussed in Steps 4 and 5.

Organizations that are interested in the online self-paced version for their clients can contact us at

Offline Digital Text-Only format - Reference and Resource Guide

This version is not intended to replace versions 1 and 2. It is offline and in a digital text-only format. This offline version does not provide features, functions, and resources that are available with versions 1 and 2, such as quizzes and access to other online applications within the 5-step program. The offline digital text-only format allows educators and non-profit organizations to review the primary content and determine if it’s appropriate for their client base.

We believe this content can also benefit many individuals who desire knowledge and/or improvements in various aspects of their lives with complete focus on just the text content. Additionally, it can be a supplementary resource for individuals whom completed the 5-step program or for those individuals who wish to experience the 5-step program content in a limited, offline digital text-only format.

Again, this version is intended for a reference and resource, and it will be available to download to only one (1) devise for a single user. If you are interested in this product, please contact us at

A special note for youth organizations: There is a Life Impact Seminar geared towards the youth (ages 13 -17). This seminar has two (2) versions, an on-site video presentation and an online self-paced seminar without video and audio (similar to version 2 of the 5-step program). In addition, an offline digital text-only version for review is available with purchase of the digital 5-volume box set (4-vol. doesn’t include youth seminar).

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